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Ministry prayer list-
Pray for God's guidance for the staff as they lead and minister.
Pray for God's guidance for the board as they oversee the ministry.
Pray for God's guidance and wisdom for our client mentors as they minister personally to the clients.
Pray for God's provision and peace for all volunteers of the center as they come alongside the ministry and are used by God.
Pray for God's financial provision for the center's needs.

Clients' prayer list-
Pray that they would choose life for their unborn children.
Pray for an open heart on that initial visit.
Pray that their hearts would be open to receive the Gospel.
Pray that their hearts would connect with their unborn children.
Pray for provision as each one takes steps to bring a new baby into the world.
Pray that they find employment.
Pray that they finish their GED.
Pray that they find adequate/good housing.

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Paper goods for the maternity home and pregnancy center
Diapers & Wipes
Baby Wash
Host a Baby Shower - ask Lenita or Abigail how this will work in your situation
Distribute Door Hangers - Be healthy and helpful.
Help with Mailings
Prayer Warrior
Church Link
Help with Walk/Banquet

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Our History

Maternity Home History

The desire to have a maternity home has always been part of the DNA of the center’s leadership.  In fact it was that very aspect that drew Abigail Chisom (Assistant Director) and Betty Frazier (Maternity Home Resident Advisor) to begin working with the center.  Long-time volunteer/employee Melissa Schmidt reminded Shaun of this long standing desire to minister to women with no viable housing while facing an unplanned pregnancy.  She also suggested “My Sister’s House” as a name.  John McCastle suggested that if we streamlined our pregnancy center operations, we could utilize half of our facility to fulfill this dream and still expand our current offerings on the pregnancy center side.  Funding from the Department of Economic Development allowed us to remodel and furnish the home, which is now able to house five clients at a time.  The home not only provides them with warm shelter and food, but we work with clients to help them get ahead in life by equipping them with essential life skills--everything from getting a GED to operating a home on a shoestring budget.   Many of our clients have loved finding camaraderie and a stable family environment so much that they continue to come back and visit often.

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